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Is the British variant some type of new supervirus?

No. It’s only one variation amongst many who have arisen because the coronavirus has unfold world wide. Mutations come up as a virus replicates, and this variant — often called B.1.1.7 — has acquired its personal distinctive set of them.

Is it extra contagious than different viruses?

It seems so. In preliminary work, researchers in Britain have discovered that the virus is spreading rapidly in elements of southern England, displacing a crowded discipline of different variants which were circulating for months.

Nonetheless, a virus lineage’s changing into extra frequent shouldn’t be proof that the lineage spreads sooner than others. It might develop extra widespread merely by means of luck. As an example, a variant would possibly begin out in the course of a crowded metropolis, the place transmission is simple, permitting it to make extra copies of itself. Nonetheless, the epidemiological proof gathered so removed from England does appear to recommend that this variant is excellent at spreading.

Does it trigger extra extreme illness?

There isn’t any robust proof that it does, at the least not but. However there’s purpose to take the chance severely. In South Africa, one other lineage of the coronavirus has gained one explicit mutation that can be present in B.1.1.7. This variant is spreading rapidly by means of coastal areas of South Africa. And in preliminary research, medical doctors there have discovered that folks contaminated with this variant carry a heightened viral load. In lots of viral ailments, that is related to extra extreme signs.

Will the variant render the brand new vaccines ineffective?

No. Most consultants doubt that it’s going to have any nice affect on vaccines, though it’s not but potential to rule out any impact.

That’s it for this briefing. See you tomorrow.

— Natasha

Theodore Kim and Jahaan Singh supplied the break from the information. You possibly can attain the group at briefing@nytimes.com.

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